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Slip and Fall

Slips and Falls are the leading reason for death in the workplace. There are about half a million (500,000) slip and fall accidents that happen annually in the United States that require hospitalization and about 30% of all injuries reported are caused by slip and fall.

Sousa and Sousa is your Massachusetts “slip and fall” attorney. A “slip and fall” case can be successful when an individual slips, trips or falls due to a dangerous condition created by negligent property owners. We know how to prove that you got hurt in a slip and fall accident because someone else was negligent.

  • Inadequate/Poor lighting
  • Damaged stairs/Missing stairs
  • Damaged handrails
  • Under Construction areas that are without the proper warning signs
  • Loose floorboards
  • Damaged pavement
  • Slippery floors
  • Icy sidewalk, parking lot or pathway caused by the failure of an individual or business to repair leaky pipes, gutters, or improper discharge of water
  • Snow and ice on stairs, walkways, or parking lots due to the property owner’s failure to properly remove the snow and ice and/or apply sand, salt or de-icing agent
  • Excessive wax or polish on floors
  • Damaged carpeting
  • Objects or debris on walkways
Where do slip and fall accidents happen:
  • Work
  • Grocery stores
  • Department stores/Shopping malls
  • Office buildings/Office park, lobby
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Any Stairways
  • Sidewalks
  • Any surface altered by unnatural ice buildup
Tips and Facts about Massachusetts slip and fall cases:
  1. Call Sousa and Sousa slip and fall accident lawyers. Contact us immediately so you get timely advice from professional attorneys with experience. We have been servicing the Brockton, Taunton, Easton and nearby towns for over 37 years;
  2. Take Good photographs that show the area of the slip and fall accident that was negligently maintained;
  3. Seek Immediate medical attention;
  4. Find witnesses to the accident, and get their names and contact info, have the police officer get a report from them if possible;
  5. What state were you in at the time of the accident? Were you running, intoxicated, or walking carefully when you slipped;
  6. Find out if there is a surveillance video if it will help your case;
  7. Request to see the incident report documenting the accident (Usually when asking for an incident report from a business they will refuse. The insurance adjuster assigned to your adjuster may refuse, even if you have an attorney working the case for you. Most of the time the only way to get a look at the incident report is for your attorney to file a lawsuit against the store. Then, during the discovery phase, the attorney representing the store will be forced to provide the incident report to your lawyer to scrutinize.);
  8. Do not give a signed or recorded statement to any insurance companies about how the accident happened until you speak with your attorney.
  9. Notify the property owner to preserve the defective condition and not to alter it or repair it in any way until such time as your attorney can view the scene of the accident and have a building expert inspect the property.
  10. Retain a building expert to investigate and determine if there are any Building or State Sanitary Code violations which caused or contributed to the fall.

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