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Premises Liability

In Massachusetts property owners are legally obliged to keep their property safe for other individuals. Property owners include, homeowners, business owners, landlords, corporations and municipalities. According to Massachusetts law property owners must secure their property so there are no hazardous or dangerous conditions that could injure or hurt any individual. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a property owner, especially when the owner knew or should have known of the hazardous condition, you should be fairly compensated for your injuries, medical bills and other expenses. At Sousa and Sousa we are experts when it comes to Massachusetts Premises liability law, we have been through this hundreds of times and our clients’ success is proof our effectiveness.

Some important factors that will effect your case:

  • How long has the defect or substance been there and how can you prove it?
  • How visible was the hazard?
  • How much notice did the property owner have of the dangerous condition?
  • Are there any witnesses?

Tips and Facts about Massachusetts Premises Liability cases:

  1. Call Sousa and Sousa Brockton Premises Liability lawyers. Call us immediately so you can get timely advice from a professional with experience. We have been through this hundreds of times;

  2. Take Good photographs that show the area where the property owner was negligent;

  3. Seek Immediate medical attention;

  4. Find witnesses to the accident, and get their names and contact info, have the police officer get a report from them if possible;

  5. What state were you in at the time of the accident? Were you running, intoxicated, or walking carefully when you slipped;

  6. Find out if there is a surveillance video if it will help your case;

  7. Request to see the incident report documenting the accident (Usually when asking for an incident report from a business they will refuse. The insurance adjuster assigned to your adjustor may refuse, even if you have an attorney working the case for you. Most of the time the only way to get a look at the incident report is for your attorney to file a lawsuit against the store. Then, during the discovery phase, the attorney representing the store will be forced to provide the incident report to your lawyer to scrutinize.);

  8. Do not give a signed or recorded statement to any insurance companies about how the accident happened until you speak with your attorney.

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