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Dighton is a town in Bristol County, Massachusetts of approximately 7,000 inhabitants. Originally part of Taunton, Dighton was incorporated in 1712 and named after Frances Dighton, the wife of Richard Williams. Known for its shipbuilding industry, Dighton was a major trading hub in the 1700s. Today, Dighton is mostly a residential suburb of Providence and Boston.

For over 37 years, the Dighton personal injury attorneys at Sousa & Sousa have advocated for the rights of victims injured by negligence. “Negligence” refers to any breach of a legal duty owed to another. Any person, group, or entity can breach a legal duty and become liable for damages to an injured party. In car accidents, for example, motorists breach their legal duty to others when they drive recklessly, causing an accident resulting in injury. At-fault parties and their insurers then become liable for any property damage or personal injury caused by their negligence. This can mean paying for the injured party’s medical expenses, lost income, and other costs. Even if you are injured in a hit-and-run accident, you are still entitled to uninsured motorist benefits from your own insurer. Sousa & Sousa has obtained relief for thousands of victims injured in car, boat, and motorcycle accidents.

Property and business owners also have a legal duty to protect invitees from unreasonable harm. Invitees are workers, consumers, or other visitors on the premises for any legal purpose. This duty may require owners to periodically inspect the premises for dangerous conditions and perform necessary repairs. Owners become liable when they fail to prevent or fix dangerous conditions that injure invitees. Slip-and-fall accidents, exposure to toxic chemicals, and animal attacks are only a few examples of injuries caused by dangerous conditions on property. Owners who knowingly allow a dangerous condition to persist are liable to the injured party for any harm that results. Our premises liability attorneys fight to ensure that victims of dog bites, lead paint poisoning, construction and work accidents obtain compensation for their harm.

Like other professionals, health care providers are also held to a high legal standard. Doctors and nurses breach their duty to patients by providing substandard care. Negligent medical providers fall “below” the legal standard of care when they incorrectly diagnose an illness, prescribe the wrong course of treatment, or make a mistake during an operation that seriously injures the patient. Pharmacies are likewise negligent when they fail to properly counsel or dispense the right medication to patients. Pharmacies and prescribing physicians both have a duty to warn patients of dangerous drug interactions and potential side effects. Even slight errors in the dose, prescription, or combination of medications can be lethal. Patients are entitled to compensation for injuries caused by acts of medical malpractice or pharmacy negligence.

Because manufacturers are in the best position to correct product defects and warn consumers of potential dangers, they become liable when a defect in their product injures the user. Hundreds of consumer goods are recalled each year because their use causes accidents resulting in harm to the buyer. Even distributors can breach the implied warranty of merchantability by leasing or selling a defective product that severely injures the consumer. Buyers may sue for harm caused by any intended or “foreseeable” use of the product. They are entitled to damages for injuries resulting from flaws in the product’s manufacture, sale, or design. An experienced defective products lawyer will ensure that manufacturers and vendors are held liable for your harm.

If you or your family member has suffered an injury or wrongful death caused by the negligence of another, the experienced Dighton personal injury lawyers at Sousa & Sousa can help. For over 37 years, we have successfully handled all types of personal injury cases, recovering substantial verdicts and settlements for injured victims and families across Massachusetts. At Sousa & Sousa, we provide the highest quality legal representation and are dedicated to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve. For a free consultation or to set up an appointment, please call our lawyers at (508) 230-5300 or contact us online.